User Pack

Just One User

500 /month

  • ToolBelt Digital Cloud
  • FREE customizations
  • FREE mobile apps
  • Freedom to work anywhere

Extra User

One additional User

500 /month

  • ToolBelt Digital Cloud
  • FREE customizations
  • FREE mobile apps
  • Freedom to work anywhere

Business SMS

SMS on every transaction

1000 /pack

  • SMS on every transaction
  • 20 paise per SMS
  • ZERO setup
  • Dashboard monitoring

Event SMS

SMS to all customers

500 /pack

  • SMS to all customers
  • One time cost.
  • ZERO setup
  • Dashboard monitoring

Everything Unlimited

Unlimited features

You get all the existing features of ToolBelt. No locked features. No limits. We will never ask you to pay more to use an additional feature. That's a promise!

Unlimited updates

You get all new features in the app. Always. Forever. Non-stop. No conditions apply. All new features are automatically activated for you & available for use.

FREE updates

All software updates & upgrades are FREE for you. You will be notified in the app when new updates are available.

Unlimited FREE customization

You can freely ask us for more features that your business needs. We give 100% FREE and unlimited customization of features.

Unlimited FREE reports

All reports are available to you. We never limit your business insights. You can even ask for customized reports that you need. All 100% FREE.

Unlimited transactions

We help you grow your business. We do not lock you out just because your business is doing more transactions. So, dream, sell and set your eyes on business goals.

Unlimited customers

You can work with any number of unlimited customers. We do not ask you to pay more when your customers grow. We help you to grow.

Unlimited stock items (SKU)

Your business is best run when you can give a range of options to your customers. This means various different SKUs in your stock. We give you unlimited SKUs.

Unlimited inventory storage

Manage as many number of godowns or distributed stock & inventory as you need. Multiple physical godowns, Sub-traders, Sub-dealers, sales network or any other type of multiple storages in your business.

Unlimited Feet-on-street

You can have unlimited Feet-on-street sales team network. Connect hundreds of sales partners, networks and team members together at a central dashboard. Empower them with mobile app. Go, sell!

Unlimited service network

Manage your entire service engineers network at central dashboard. Hundreds of team members, live updates from their mobiles from customer sites & locations.

Unlimited customer feedbacks

Empower you team to get customer feedback right from their mobiles. All feedbacks get updated instantly on your central dashboard.

Unlimited business teams

Your business is best organised by you. We do not limit you on team organisation, assigning them roles. Create multiple roles to suit your needs. Assign permissions to each role.

Unlimited field agent tracking

Track all your field agents on central dashboard. Send them messages. Change their schedule. Agents can update call status right from their mobile. Everything gets updated instantly & live.

Mobile digital payments

Accept digital payments instantly from customers. Field agent can use their mobiles to accept payments. No more delays. No more losing business. More cash. More profit. Faster.

Unlimited promotions

Send SMS to customers for promotions, events and good wishes. Just pay a small fee for each such promotion and all your customers will receive the SMS.

Unlimited campaigns

You can run unlimited promotional campaigns side-by-side. All campaigns can be monitored inidvidually. Everything gets reported on the central dashboard.

Automatic notifications

Send automatic notifications to customers. SMS will be dispatched on each transaction, once activated in your account. Keep your customers informed & connected.

FREE business owner app

Now, your business is in your hands. Again. Literally. Manage everything about your business right from your mobile. Install the FREE app on any number of mobiles.

FREE sales app

We want to see your sales rocketing high. Install the FREE sales app on every mobile of your sales team. Keep entire sales team connected. Track them live. Everything is updated live on central dashboard.

FREE support app

Give world class service to your customer. Keep your service & support tea connected. Track them live. Everything is updated live on central dashboard.

FREE feedback app

Customers can install their own FREE app to connect with you and give feedback and see service request call status. Everything is updated live on central dashboard.

It's your digital cloud Ask for more!