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Users, data, reports, exports, emails, notifications. Anything and everything that you need to run the business efficiently.

Features. When you need. What you need.

Mobile first!

Designed to work on mobiles and all other screens, dynamic fluid layouts, readability, tablet /mobile /Full-HD /Hi-Res /laptop /TV compatibility

Mobile apps!

Apps for notices, messages, news, collaboration with customers. Service booking, jobcard, invoice, payments, feedback from app.

Breakdown SOS intimation with automatic location from mobile device.

Mobile routes & navigation to workshop.

Secure! hosted platform

Reliable access to your business account

24x7 Online support



Products, categories, languages, schemes, offers


Your own business shop online, integrated with all major online retailers, logistics partners, support partners, payment gateway, Consolidated, categorised or filtered reports. Custom reports to suit your business model.

Stock & inventory, Finance

Inventory, stock, ABC/XYZ analysis, sales reporting, marketing schemes, offeres, discounts

Mobile first!

Designed to work on mobiles and all other screens, dynamic fluid layouts, readability, tablet /mobile /Full-HD /Hi-Res /laptop /TV compatibility


Marketing & promotions

Campaigns, schemes, loyalty programs, customer happiness club, customer rewards program, special offers, festival & event schemes

Advertisement, marketing, promotions on social media. Customer density on geographical map.

Blogs, cutomer feedback system. Customer education system.

Customer engagement

Customer portal, group meetings, weekend & event gathering and management. Automatic intelligent reminders. Preference based interest-groups and notices to customers. Smart reports to identify deflecting, infrequent least engaged customers. Regular news & advisory to customers.

Business expansion

Multiple branches, sub-dealers, business contracts, customer referral programs, profit sharing arrangements, expertise based work/customer delegation.


  • Generate estimates quickly for assessment of repair cost.
  • Print it, send PDF or just share online.
  • Use chat, social media or just plain SMS to share the URL.
  • Customers can approve the estimate directly at URL.
  • and more...


  • Just one-click to create Jobcard for the approved estimate.
  • You are ready to start the repair. No need to type jobcard details again!
  • Jobacrd status gets reported to the customer, automatically!
  • and more...


  • One-click to create invoice from a jobcard or estimate.
  • GST ready invoices.
  • Automatic intelligent IGST or CGST/SGST applied.
  • Share a print, PDF or online invoice with customer.
  • and more...

Receipts & Payments

  • Generate with automatic customer lookup.
  • Match the balances with invoice or purchases. Automatically!
  • and more...


  • Keep records of purchases
  • Automatic account balances.
  • Statement of accounts for suppliers
  • Give a unique workspace to every supplier.
  • and more...

Payment gateway

  • Ready to use payment gateway.
  • Accept online payments for all your invoices.
  • Payments go directly to your own bank account.
  • and more...

Inventory & Stock

  • Automatic inventory management.
  • Stock & inventory status at your fingertips.
  • and more...

Customer & supplier management

  • Given a unique workspace to every supplier or customer.
  • Suppliers & customer can see only their data. Nothing else.
  • and more...

Warranty management

  • Manage warranty records.
  • Automatic reminders to you & customer.
  • Warranty claim process.
  • and more...

Daily snapshot

  • A quick snapshot of all business activites for the day.
  • Invoices, payments, collection, purchases, all other transactions, in a single report.
  • and more...

Business reports

  • Business reports that you need.
  • Need a new report? Just ask us!
  • and more...

Automatic reporting

  • Schedule automatic reports.
  • Send on email, chat or social media.
  • No need to ask your team for reports. Get them in your inbox at the end of the day.
  • and more...

GST ready!

  • Fully ready for GST!
  • Automatic IGST, CGST, SGST, UTGST calculation.
  • Government prescribed invoice format.
  • and more...

Legal, accounting & compliance

  • Ready reports for tax department.
  • Ready reports & summaries for accounting.
  • Integrate with accounting software.
  • and more...

Fully secure!

  • Highest level of security.
  • All transactions are secure behind TLS 1.2 2048 bit encryption
  • Peace of mind.
  • and more...

Branches anywhere

  • Manage multiple branches of your business.
  • Consolidated reports, or separate.
  • and more...

Doorstep customer service

  • Workspace for each customer.
  • Customer can place order from the comfort of their place.
  • Manage pickup & delivery service.
  • and more...

Connect with customer

  • Ask feedback from customer.
  • Ready to use helpdesk system for your own business.
  • FAQ, answers to ealier problems that customer can search, before asking you.
  • and more...