ENV['DOMAIN_NAME'] Channel Partner Network

What is ENV['DOMAIN_NAME'] Channel Partner network?

ToolBelt Channel Partner network is just like a franchise network. In commodity based business, you take a franchise. In service business like ToolBelt, you take a Channel Partnership.

Can I become ENV['DOMAIN_NAME'] Channel Partner?

Any business that can sell ToolBelt to customers, can become ToolBelt Channel Partner.

Just like a franchisee. Reach the customer, tell them the benefits of using ToolBelt, get them onboard ToolBelt.

Do I need a team?

Yes, absolutely!

You will need a team of tele-callers or FOS (Feet-on-street) runners who can call or go to the customer and sell them ToolBelt account. Your team will:

  • Identify potential customers in your area
  • Call them to tell them benefits of using ToolBelt
  • Show them a demo
  • Reach them and create their account

Who provides support to customer?

We do!

We are committed to 100% customer satisfaction.

ToolBelt head office will provide all support, help, training and guidance to the customer for using their ToolBelt account.

We provide FREE & UNLIMITED features and FREE upgrades for a full year to the customers.

With you. For you. Non stop.

Once in a lifetime offer!

Channel Partner

High ROI. Less than 6 months payback.

  • Channel Partners earn up to 40% commission on every sale.
  • Larger the sales team, higher the profits.
  • The faster you sell, the higher profit you earn.

We pay GST extra!

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Unlimited Channel Partners.

  • Distributors get commission for every sale done by their Channel Partners.
  • More Channel Partners means higher income.
  • Create Channel Partners anywhere across India.

No limits. Just freedom!

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ENV['DOMAIN_NAME'] Channel Partners and Distributors network launched!