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We are on a mission to connect 10 Lakh MSME to digital India

We help MSME workshops anywhere in India to:

  • Boost sales & growth
  • Improve customer experience
  • Mobile enabled business
  • Digital online payments
  • Improve quality of customer service
  • Reach satellite cities, small towns, remote villages

You are the superhero!

ToolBelt Channel Partners are helping #Mission10Lakh by connecting to MSME workshops. Giving them the power of ToolBelt cloud to boost their business.

1,000 (Channel Partners) x 1,000 (MSME each) = 10 Lakh MSME
Metros, cities, satellite cities, small town, villages, remote areas, rural areas, semi-urban areas, anywhere in India.

Will it be easy? Nope. Worth it? Absolutely!

Join the revolution
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Join #Mission10Lakh!

  • Become authorised ToolBelt Channel Partner
  • Help businesses in your local area
  • Help to make 100% Digital India
  • Get benefits & build your income
  • Be financially independent!
  • ZERO investment needed
  • ZERO security deposit
  • ZERO bank guarantee or collateral
  • Contribute to the growth of India and feel pride!
  • Work from mobile
  • Reach anywhere in India
  • Connect and help your community
  • Be a hero in your community!

#Mission10Lakh benefits

  • Up to 50% commission* on every sale
    Yes! seriously.
  • 10x - 100x growth
    No limit on sales. Sell more, to earn more.
  • No territory limits.
    Sell anywhere in India.
    Want to sell outside India? talk to us
  • Unlimited income
    Be your own boss. Earn as much as you can.
    We support you 100%
  • Receive commission on-time.
    Automatic. On time. Every month.
  • We pay GST extra!
    Yes! no need to worry about GST
    No deduction* of GST from commission payment.
Channel Partners Rejoicing!

Boost your income today!

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What is ToolBelt Channel Partner?

Reseller or franchisee

ToolBelt Channel Partner is a reseller. You become part of our reseller network, in your own city, state or location. We are expanding our Channel Partner Network to every city, village and town in India. As Channel Partner, you will sell ToolBelt services to MSME businesses in your local area, city or state. You are free to sell anywhere in India.

Fabulous opportunity for you!

ZERO investment
ZERO stock
ZERO security deposit
ZERO bank guarantee
Unlimited income
No territory limit
Upto 50% commission

Can I become ToolBelt Channel Partner?


If you are interested in earning monthly income by selling ToolBelt services to MSME businesses, you can definitely join as Channel Partner. You can join if you are a marketing team, BPO team, tele-calling team, customer service team, customer support team, feet-on-street team, door-to-door team or any other team that is connecting with the customers. Bigger the size of your team, higher is your income because ToolBelt provides commission on every sale.

How will I make money?

By selling

You and your team will reach out to potential MSME workshops and sell them ToolBelt services. ToolBelt Channel Partners make money by following these steps.

  1. Locate repair & service workshops in your city
  2. Visit their office or workshop
  3. Show them how they can benefit by using ToolBelt in their business
  4. Make them customer by registering online
  5. Congratulation! You just made a successful sale

Sell everyday to build a rock solid monthly income for yourself.

Do I need a team?

You can start solo.
Teams are definitely welcome.

ToolBelt Channel Partner Network has Channel Partners that are individuals in marketing & sales, BPO team, marketing teams, tele-callers, door-to-door sales team, customer support teams, individuals with a very strong social network. We do not limit or judge you on anything. Just sell and earn commission on every sale. It's that simple!

We directly pay only to the bank account of Channel Partner registered with us.

How much can I earn?

Sell more to earn more

You get commission on every sale. The more you sell, the more you get.

You have unlimited power!

  • Unlimited sales
    We do not limit you on the number of units you can sell. Sell as many as possible.
  • Unlimited territory
    Sell locally, in your city, state or anywhere in India
  • Unlimited team
    Build your team at multiple locations. Build a small or large team. Collaborate with teams to increase sale. There is no limit.
  • Upto 50% commission* on every sale
    We pay you commission on every sale. Yes, you can earn up to 50% on every sale subject to the applicable terms.

Remember, the more you sell, the more your earn

Click here to know more.

Customer is asking for more features?

No problem!

ToolBelt provides unlimited and FREE updates to all active customers. Once the customer is signed-up, they can ask any additional feature or module. There is no limit. We listen to every customer. We accept all requests from customers, as long as the requested feature or module is related to their workshop business.

  1. Listen to the customer
  2. Make sure they are active customer
  3. Convey their business need to us
  4. We will schedule their requests in our forthcoming updates
  5. We announce the updates through ToolBelt app notification system
  6. Customer will automatically be notified when their requested update is ready for use
  7. We directly provide customer support
  8. You may be required to connect with the customer if the customer requests you so, or a visit is required at the customer workshop.

Listen to the customer. Always!

Will you help me to sell?


We will help you in multiple ways. You will receive:

  1. Identify local markets in your area, where you can sell
  2. Discover list of potential customers
  3. Make you part of our trade show, when we organise in your city
  4. Keep you informed about all updates, changes and additions in ToolBelt
  5. Provide any additional support you need

Additionally, we will also help you to:

  1. Your Authorised Channel Partner ID Card
  2. You name, photo and contact details on our website
  3. A small page on our website about you
  4. Your own map marker pin on Channel Partner map
  5. ToolBelt brochures to make an impactful presentation
  6. Stars, banners and badges that you will earn as Channel Partner

Steps to register, as

ToolBelt Channel Partner

Step 1: Register

Following information will be needed to begin with.

  • Name
  • Mobile phone number, email address
  • City, PIN code

Step 2: Plan your goals

ToolBelt team will call you to collect details about you and your bank account where we pay you the commission. We also share a spredsheet of revenue projection with you. We bring you up to speed with plan to achieve the targets that you planed for yourself.

Step 3: Sign the agreement

We will mutually sign the ToolBelt Channel Partner agreement with you.

Step 4: Get FREE training

We will organise a training program for your team to get up to speed with ToolBelt. A team that completely understands the power of their service can sell it most effectively.

Step 5: Start earning!

Assemble your team or be a sales superhero yourself.

Your team is out in the field or on phone calls. You can start selling ToolBelt to customers and earning comission on every sale!

Register as Channel Partner
Take the step to your success

Welcome Kit - Physical

Welcome Kit

Registered Channel Partners receive the following welcome kit

Physical kit

  1. Brochures (Double sided high quality glossy)
  2. Certificate
  3. Business cards (Visiting cards)
  4. Lanyard (ToolBelt branded)
  5. ID card casing (high quality silicon)
  6. ToolBelt ID card (High quality PVC)

Digital kit

  1. Brochure (PDF, 10x scaled high quality PNG)
  2. Channel Partner logo (Portrait & landscape design, 10x scaled high quality PNG)
  3. ToolBelt logo (PDF, 10x scaled high quality PNG)
  4. ToolBelt Channel Partner business card (PDF, 10x scaled high quality PNG)
  5. ToolBelt QR code (PDF, 10x scaled high quality PNG)
  6. ToolBelt Channel Partner agreement (PDF)

Thank you!

* Platinum Channel Partners earn 50% commission on every sale. You charge us GST on every commission payment.