An Intelligence Business Platform Can boost your business

05-Dec-2019 09:09PM About 2 minutes read

In today's data-centric world large volume of user data is easily available which can be used to uplift your business and explore new opportunities. Data Analysis and Machine learning platform can give deeper insight into your business like users buying pattern, feedback and sentiment analysis etc. One can use such analysis to predict consumer behaviour and choices. Business offerings can be designed and pushed to users accordingly. Business Intelligence can contribute substantially to the performance of your business and improve management decisions. Better marketing campaigns, innovation and higher return of investment can be achieved using ToolBelt. (

The key is to Understand your customers better ...Give your customer an amazing experience!

A good business intelligence platform can help your business on several fronts and create a unified system that can create better customer satisfaction and generate higher returns.

In today’s fast-changing world Business Intelligence is on high demands as it offers the tools to understand customers behaviour. Getting to the nerve of the customer is key to grow your business. It empowers you to deal with them more accurately. ToolBelt helps you to boost your sales statistics and offer the intelligence necessary to adapt your business to the desires of the customers.

One of the most important criteria that businesses need to fulfil today is maintaining customer relations. Customer experience serves as a key playing card for marketers with most of them trying to base themselves on the basics.

Toolbelt helps you to manage your customer churn by taking Customer Feedbacks directly and plan proactive customer engagement.

With Feedback and sentiment analysis feature you can perform an in-depth analysis of customer’s dissatisfaction and work out an action plan to improve customer satisfaction and retention. Businesses can have enhanced customer service response and allow businesses to spot a customer in the 'buying mode'.

Boost your sales. Plan better offerings and campaigns
The Intelligent platform offers an in-depth analysis to kick start sales and improve the performance of your marketing entity. It helps sales force with the tools to measure their activity and identify the trends in customer behaviour. With better visibility on sales information, the marketing team can fine-tune and target the marketing campaigns properly.

With the Promotional Offer feature, you can send reminders and promotional offers to customers directly from ToolBelt.

Improve accuracy of data and Uplift productivity 
Data accuracy is key to take business decisions. ToolBelt’s business intelligence platform can take care of inefficiency bottlenecks and refine business processes. You can witness noticeable productivity and efficiency gains. Having a centralised view and control of data will improve transparency, exposing the flaws in the system. The improvements in business returns will act as a key performance indicator and eliminate unnecessary risks.

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