Is your customer service proactive or reactive ?

27-Nov-2019 05:43PM About 1 minute read

Customer delight is the key to sustain and grow your business.  A happy customer purchases more, give repeat business, recommend you to others and becomes your brand ambassador. On the other hand, failing to provide customer service up to the mark could provoke customers switching to other options. It's always wise not to lose any of your existing customers. Customer churn can result in heavy losses.  Acquiring a new customer is always a difficult, cumbersome and expensive affair.

This sounds quite logical and may look simple. But how to achieve this? It requires the right thought process and attitude across organizations supported by efficient tools.

Serving your Customers better means knowing their needs and deliver to those expectations. In today's digital world, customers look for transparency, choice, convenience, and value for money. Customers are smart and expect seamless experiences. A whole lot of digital solutions are available in the market but how many of them are really worth? 

An efficient after-sales service system can be a game-changer. It can help you to uplift your relationship and trust with the customer.
A user-friendly and high performing solution will make your staff more efficient and less stressful. They can be more pleasing, charming and can deliver efficient service which is key to customer engagement. Seeking real-time feedback from the customer, doing sentiment analysis, and offering lucrative deals to the customer can help you to uplift your customer engagement and satisfaction. Automation of advanced booking, work order creation, digital invoices, and digital payments can impress your customer. 

While considering any after-sale service solution, you should keep above and many other factors in mind which simplified you, employees, life and customer engagement.

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