How to boost your vehicle performance

22-Nov-2019 09:57AM About 1 minute read

1. Service Regularly
A well-maintained vehicle that is regularly checked for the correct oil and cooling-system levels, and disposables like tyres and lights, will give you better, longer service and ensure a decent resale price.

2. Always go to Authorised Service Centres.
Always go to authorised service centres. They have all needed skills, tools and technologies required by your vehicle.
This not only ensures better performance of your vehicle but also a higher resale price.
Never give your vehicle in the hand of a roadside unskilled mechanic. They can ruin your vehicle.
Moreover, this will void your manufacturer's warranty.

3. Keep your tires properly inflated. 
Read your vehicle owner’s manual to understand what the correct pressure should be, but also when to reduce or increase it, depending on the load of the vehicle or the surface of the road. Check your tyre pressure at least twice a month, and replace tyres when necessary at a vehicle servicing workshop.

4. Avoid hard braking/acceleration.
This aggressive way of driving wastes fuel is bad for the planet and wears out your brake-pads faster. Replace your brake-pads to improve vehicle performance.

5. Slow down.
Driving fast forces your engine to work harder by pumping out and consuming more fuel. The optimal cruising speed is 50-60 kmph.

6. Use your gears properly
To avoid damaging expensive parts, drivers of manual cars should drive in the right gear and change gears smoothly.

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