Authorized service center --or-- local less costly mechanic?

15-Nov-2019 11:25AM About 1 minute read

Why authorized service center matter?

Where would you get your 4-wheeler or 2-wheeler serviced? At an authorized service center or from a local mechanic? Many car owners face this dilemma. One needs to consider several factors before deciding-quality and cost of service, genuineness of spare parts, personal rapport with the mechanic, etc. Both the authorized service center and the independent workshop have their pros and cons. Below are a few points which you should keep in mind while making this decision.


If your vehicle is under warranty, you must go to an authorized service center without having a second thought. Getting service from a non-authorized service center or local mechanic can void your warranty.

Latest technology

The new-generation vehicles are advanced and come equipped with electronic systems like ECU, fuel systems, ignition, and in-car entertainment systems. If you go to an authorized service center, you can be assured of good service. The local mechanic may or may not have an adequate understanding of these advanced systems.

Resale value

Visiting an authorized center creates an explicit service history of your Vehicle which is helpful during resale, For instance, if you have to get your vehicle serviced from an authorized center till 80,000 km and then switch to a local workshop, the prospective buyer will not be able to verify the service record. It is highly recommended to visit an authorized service center.


If you are going to the local workshop, you need to be very careful while choosing the mechanic. While it is ideal to personally supervise the local mechanic while he services your car, everybody does not have that much time. So, if you are going to the local workshop, you must trust him with his work. However, you should remember even the best of the local workshops may not deliver quality work.

The obvious gap

Even if it is a cosmetic upgrade like denting and painting, you end up compromising on quality if you visit a local mechanic. For instance, if your Vehicle has metallic paint and you get a part repainted at a local workshop, the color won't match the rest of the car. 

Don't count your cents

It is a general misconception that authorized service centers are highly expensive. Usually, you need to visit an authorized service center once a year unless something major has come up. Authorized centers may be slightly expensive but they deliver quality work.

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