Integrated all in one solution can be game changer to your business

13-Dec-2019 12:10PM About 1 minute read

Business scenarios are dynamic and in today’s competitive professional world, computer systems are an integral part of every function in business.  It's very important that in an effort to respond to market need, different functions of the business remains cohesive and integrated. Having an all-in-one IT solution can be a game-changer. ToolBelt is a solution envisioned to solve this problem of the customer.

An effective integrated solution not only integrates various departments of a company in a single system but also standardizes and automates its business processes and caters to the specific needs of each department to enhance business profitability.

Benefits of an ideal all in one integrated solution -

Tailored to Business - One size does not fit all! The solution should be flexible enough to adapt to market dynamics.  Any good solution should be ready to handle all this without major disruption or cost.

Focus on customer satisfaction and retention – In today’s customer-centric era better customer relationship management helps in improving customer satisfaction and retention by offering services proactively. A system with its online presence not only helps you to contact a wider range of customers but also aids you to communicate with your customers at every stage of the interfacing process. 

Optimize Cost – A good system aggregates different business functions under solution. A unified platform brings together manufacturing, finance, customer relationship management, supply chain management, inventory, etc into one integrated solution. It helps in effective synchronization and efficiency. Having one solution to manages your entire business,  saves you from the purchasing, maintaining and training costs, time and efforts of multiple software.

Online Tracking and Support – Access to the real-time data,   track stock & inventory and ensures availability spares is available at the right time and the right place. Customers can avail of information online, any time without visiting the service station or showroom. This flexibility offers the company an edge over its competitors.

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